GUM Rincinol 4 oz. Pain Relieving Liquid

GUM Rincinol 4 oz. Pain Relieving Liquid


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Fast, PAIN FREE relief with Rincinol P.R.N.

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Product Description

4 OZ Bottle of Rincinol Canker/ Mouthsore relief.


Fast, PAIN FREE relief with Rincinol P.R.N.

Rinse away canker and mouth sore pain with Rincinol!

Unique, Easy To Use Rinse

  • Simply swish for 60 seconds for hours of comfort and relief
  • No more messy gels – RINCINOL P.R.N. finds the sore for you
  • Safe for children

Soothing Oral Pain Reliever

  • Fast,pain-free relief from canker and mouth sores
  • Forms a thin, invisible, protective coating that promotes healing
  • Prevents irritation of sensitive nerve endings for hours
  • No numbing benzocaine – No stinging hydrogen peroxide – No burning alcohol!
  • Aloe Vera helps soothe, hydrate and heal

Recommended for pain caused by:

  • Canker Sores
  • Mouth & Gum Sores
  • Abrasion from Braces
  • Denture Irritation
  • Oral Surgery
  • Cheek Bites

Safe for adults and children, even if accidentally swallowed.

Here’s what people say about Rincinol:

“I liked that it didn’t sting, didn’t taste funny and that it coated the sore.”

“It healed my canker sore very quickly.”

“It worked a lot better at keeping my canker sores protected when they were most sensitive. I usually have multiple canker sores in my mouth at the same time and this worked way better than anything I have ever tried – and I have tried EVERYTHING out there to help canker sore pain. I will definitely be buying this product from now on.”

“I liked the fact that is was a mouth rinse instead of just trying to apply it to the spot of the canker sore.”

“It really worked. It formed a protective coating in my mouth and made my mouth feel better. This is never going to be missing from my medicine chest.”

“Works better than anything I have ever tried. I have bought more and even recommended it to everyone I know.”

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