GUM Snap Ons System Kit (12 Pack Value)

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Convenience and comfort are combined to create the worlds best proxabrush system.

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Quite Simply: the Most Convenient and Comfortable Proxabrush System in the World

The comfortable, ergonomic design of the handle, the ease with which the refills snap into place, and the ability to find a proxabrush refill shape that fits your unique smile is what makes this system the most convenient and comfortable in the world.

A Brilliantly Engineered Handle.

At first glance you will notice the high quality, surgical grade plastic that provides the skeleton for this ingenious proxabrush handle.

You will notice a precise bend at the top to make reaching the back teeth and other troublesome areas a joy.

As you move down the neck of the handle, a green grip emerges that appears to be an ordinary toothbrush grip similar to one you can find anywhere.

However, make contact and you soon realize that this grip is

It is soft, comfortable and absolutely perfect for the function that it serves.

It makes holding the handle easier and provides a dead-lock water resistant grip that will prevent you from slipping and hurting yourself.

Easy Does It: A New Level of Comfort and Convenience Comes
Alive With this Locking Mechanism and Refill Variety.

Your kit will include one single ended proxabrush handle (with the great grip) and two proxabrush refills encased in a durable clear case.

Snap open the case, pick up a Snap-Ons Proxabrush refill and just SNAP IT IN!

You will find that he ease of snapping in a refill is countless times easier and more sanitary that the traditional Proxabrush.

All you have to do is just snap the refill into the handle.

However, the most impressive part is how to get the used proxabrush refill out.

 At the head of the handle, a small lever sticks out slightly and it is the lever that is specially designed to allow an easy refill to take place.

As soon as you insert a refill proxabrush, it will be very securely in place and will have little opportunity to budge or fall out.

However, when you are done with it and would like to insert a new one, simply press the lever,
pull out the old proxabrush, snap in the new one and you’re done.

GUM Proxabrush Snap-Ons System: The typical user

The typical user of this innovative proxabrush system usually loves comfort and convenience.

For many, especially those with specific dental appliances or large gaps between teeth, using a proxabrush is absolutely necessary.

The Snap-Ons system features both high quality proxabrushes and a convenient system of loading and taking out refills that basically makes it the best system in the world.

Several people have told us that they were delighted to find the Snap Ons System at our store because of the convenience it added into their lives.

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Each GUM Proxibrush Snap-Ons System Kit Includes:

  • 1 Innovative proxabrush Snap Ons Handle with jell-like grip
  • 2 Proxabrush Snap-On Refill Tips 

12 GUM Proxabrush Snap On System Kits Included – Value Pack

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