GUM Technique Quad-Grip Toothbrush 491 (12 Pack Value)
GUM Technique Quad-Grip Toothbrush 491 (12 Pack Value)

GUM Technique Quad-Grip Toothbrush 491 (12 Pack Value)


Ultra-cushioned handle with four angled thumb pads helps position the Dome Trim bristles to clean below the gumline. Clinically-proven to reduce gingivitis, an early form of gum disease

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Product Description

GUM Technique
Toothbrush – For Consistently Proper Brushing

Ultra-cushioned handle with four angled thumb pads helps position the Dome Trim® bristles of the GUM Technique tooth brush at the perfect angle to clean below the gum line. This is definitely one of GUM’s most popular toothbrushes – and for good reason!

Why the Technique
Toothbrush Improves Your Technique

The most noticeable feature of this toothbrush is its thick, grip filled handle. The grip is four sided and is placed in such a way that if you comfortably hold the grip, the brush head will form a 45 degree angle with your teeth and gums. This correct angle ensure that while you brush, you will most certainly get below the gum line and prevent gum disease by attacking it where it starts – below the gum line. Because of this toothbrushes innovative design, many dentists and hygienists exclusively give out the technique at the end of the visit.

While holding the thick handle made of surgical plastic and a high quality rubber grip, you feel a sense of certainty and control many other brushes don’t deliver. Take a look at the GUM Technique toothbrush, you will see that it is one of GUM’s most stylish toothbrushes (aside from also being one of the most effective) and will certainly add to the décor of your bathroom

Those Magic GUM
Technique Brush Bristles

Take a look and you’ll notice: these bristles are not all the same color, the same length or the same in softness.
  These bristles were placed perfectly and engineered specifically to get below the gum line and provide the clean mouth you deserve to have. The dark green bristles at the tip of the head are taller and tougher than the rest. Their mission is to seek out plaque and food stuck in hard to reach places and destroy it.

In the center, you will find two rows of elevated white bristles designed to get well below your gum line and inhibit gum disease. The lighter green shorter bristles on the outside of the brush head clean the surfaces of your teeth. All three of these bristle types combine to form a winning team combination.

Butler Gum Technique Toothbrush – Who Uses It

The Gum Technique Toothbrush is praised by those who really value their gum health. These people
understand the power of a good daily oral health regimen and feel that the direction or “coaching” that this brush provides is highly valuable. Many enjoy the look and feel of the brush and its particular effectiveness at getting below the gum line to ensure better gum health. To take a look at some more pictures of the Technique Tooth Brush, scroll down to the picture section and to write/read some reviews for this toothbrush, scroll down to the review section at the bottom of the page. We thank you for taking an interest in your oral health and letting us provide you with the very best in oral care at home products.

Here’s to your smile of a lifetime, Super Dental Store Team

Butler GUM
Technique Toothbrush:

  • Recommended and dispensed by dental professionals
  • The Dome Trim bristle design cleans below the gumline where gum disease starts
  • The ergonomic, extra cushioned handle promotes comfort and stability while brushing
  • Each toothbrush includes

    • Educational literature
    • Retail coupon
    • Durable, high quality surgical plastic design

12 Butler GUM Soft Compact Technique Toothbrushes Included

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