Oral B Bright AdvancePower 980TX
Oral B Bright AdvancePower 980TXOral B Bright AdvancePower 980TX

Oral B Bright AdvancePower 980TX

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The Oral-B AdvancePower 980TX Series toothbrush features exciting bright colors, the oscillating-rotating technology pioneered by Oral-B, and is clinically proven to deliver noticeable results for cleaner, whiter teeth, and healthier gums.

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The Oral B 980 TX Brights series Electric Toothbrushes is the
One of the Few
Clinically Tested and
Proven Effective Electric Toothbrushes

nique technology helps keep your mouth at its healthiest and gives you
noticeable results

Best of all, we include in our package the highly acclaimed “Secrets Of Using Your Electric Toothbrush For Life Long Oral Health.” With this booklet, which is
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you can be confident that your oral care is going to be at an all time high and that your dentist will probably wonder how your teeth got to be so great. This electric toothbrush is just what you need and is the most sensible place to buy it. Remember, your satisfaction is
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Package Includes:

  • Rebate for $5

  • Our Exclusive and Highly Acclaimed


    “Secrets Of Using Your Electric Toothbrush For Life Long Oral Health.”
    Not available anywhere else!

  • 1 Oral-B 980 TX Brights Electric Toothbrush Handle

  • 1 Charger Base With Brushhead Refill Storage

  • 1 Flexisoft Brush head

  • 1 Oral B Dual Action Brush Head

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Oral-B AdvancePower 980 TX Bright

Superior rechargeable cleaning power gently removes even heavy plaque build-up and stains for naturally whiter teeth.
Noticeable results. Cleaner, whiter teeth and healthier gums – clinically proven. Includes 1 FlexiSoft Brushhead and 1 DualAction Brushhead.


  • Power toothbrush for everyday use.
  • Two minute timer: pulsating signal after two minutes recommended brushing time.
  • Rechargeable – Ideal for travel: lasts 5 days between charges when brushing two times a day for two minutes each.
  • 1 Flexisoft Brushhead surrounds each tooth for a deep clean and gentle polish.
  • 1 DualAction Brushhead – Both heads move for twice the cleaning action for total oral hygiene.
  • Rechargeable high speed oscillations.
  • Cleans better than a manual toothbrush.
  • Significantly more effective than a manual toothbrush at removing stains.
  • Helps prevent gum disease, the leading cause of tooth loss.
  • Gentle on teeth and gums.
  • Guarantee: Limited, 2 year.

Oral-B AdvancePower 900 Series


The Oral-B AdvancePower 900 Toothbrush features the oscillating-rotating technology pioneered by Oral-B, delivering exceptional cleaning performance.



Now, a completely independent study has concluded “Brushes that worked with a rotation oscillation action removed more plaque and reduced gingivitis more effectively than manual brushes in the short and long-term….No other powered brush designs were consistently superior…”1

Clinically Proven Benefits

+ Removes significantly more plaque than a manual toothbrush2

+ Whitens teeth naturally by removing coffee, tea, and tobacco stains3

+ As gentle on teeth and gums as a soft manual toothbrush2


Product Features

+ High-speed oscillating movements gently remove even heavy plaque buildup and stains

+ Blue Interdental Tip bristles penetrate deep between the teeth and clean hard-to-reach areas

+ Oral-B® Indicator® bristles fade halfway when it’s time to replace your brushhead

+ Pulsing signal after the dentist-recommended 2-minute brushing time

+ Water-resistant handle

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