Oral B Sonic Complete S 320 Premium Electric Toothbrush (68.75 W/ Mail Rebate)
Oral B Sonic Complete S 320 Premium Electric Toothbrush (68.75 W/ Mail Rebate)Oral B Sonic Complete S 320 Premium Electric Toothbrush (68.75 W/ Mail Rebate)Oral B Sonic Complete S 320 Premium Electric Toothbrush (68.75 W/ Mail Rebate)Oral B Sonic Complete S 320 Premium Electric Toothbrush (68.75 W/ Mail Rebate)Oral B Sonic Complete S 320 Premium Electric Toothbrush (68.75 W/ Mail Rebate)Oral B Sonic Complete S 320 Premium Electric Toothbrush (68.75 W/ Mail Rebate)

Oral B Sonic Complete S 320 Premium Electric Toothbrush (68.75 W/ Mail Rebate)

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The first sonic toothbrush from Oral-B is specifically designed to offer you complete mouth care. Oral-B Sonic Complete removes plaque to help prevent tooth decay, promotes firmer, healthier gums, and removes harmful, odor-causing bacteria from your tongue.

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Product Description

“The Oral B Sonic
Complete: A Perfect Tool For Shimmering Oral Health!”


The Oral B Sonic Complete We Offer Is Loaded With Features and
Technology That Has Been Clinically Proven To Strengthen Gums and Whiten Teeth.


Here is what
your package includes:



1 Oral-B Sonic Complete Toothbrush



2 Oral B Sonic Complete Brush Heads



1 Oral B Sonic Complete




Brush Refill



1 Travel Case



Mail In Rebate

Free Extra Gift




with your Oral B Sonic Complete, add a package of Refill Brush Heads for only
15.99.  This is a great idea because it will save you money on shipping
and because it will ensure that you always have a fresh brush head every three
months for a full year.

  It is the first
item on the “related products” menu on this page and will be offered again
before you check out.


Some Words From People Who Use This Toothbrush



I highly
recommend the Sonic Complete.  I have been using it for 5 months and I
absolutely love it.  My teeth feel a lot cleaner and brushing is much
easier.  Best of all, I have been getting compliments from my hygienist
who praises me for having great gums.

-Susan Deisloen


I have
been using electric toothbrush for years and am impressed with the Oral B
Sonic Complete.  It is of very high quality and very convenient –
especially because I like to go on vacation and the battery lasts 2 weeks
before you have to recharge it.  Definitely a wise investment in your

-Jeff Mulard


I wanted
to say thank you for your help and for the great price on the Sonic
Complete.  I am glad I bought it because I makes brushing my teeth much
easier.  I recently bought one for my son and he absolutely loves it
because it made his teeth whiter.  Thanks for everything.

-Melinda Kinordio


If You Get it With Us, We
Guarantee Your Satisfaction

You have many choices but
we would like to ask you to get the Oral B Sonic Complete With Us because are
more concerned with your Oral Health than many other internet companies and are
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If you want a hassle-free
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How Fast Is Shipping?


If You Buy It Today, You
Can Expect the Postman to ring the doorbell and hand the toothbrush over to you
in 4-5 business days.  That’s right – our shipping is lightning fast and
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Our Hands Down, 2000% Absolute Iron Clad
Satisfaction Guarantee.


We absolutely
Guarantee that you will love, not like, but love the Oral B Sonic Complete
and that your dentist will notice a solid difference in the health of your
teeth and gums or your money back without any questions or delays.  In
other words, if after using this toothbrush for a month, you don’t feel that
your teeth and gums are much healthier, then return it to Oral B for a full
refund and keep the bonus gifts as our apology.  We absolutely guarantee
the quality and effectiveness of the Oral B Sonic Complete.


Our High Assurance Lowest Price Possible

If you find a better
price at another

online store

within 3 days of your purchase,
we will make up the difference in your

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The Harsh Reality: Manual
Brushes Just Don’t Brush It


Dear Oral Care Enthusiast,

If you are used to a manual
toothbrush, or even an electric, the Oral B Sonic Complete Electric Toothbrush
is a great choice because it offers a large brush head, several different
brushing modes, and is backed by clinical research. 


The large brush head makes
the transition from manual to electric very easy because it is the same size as
a manual toothbrush.  Once you hold it in your hand, however, you will
feel the incredible power that it adds to your brushing and you will wonder how
you ever managed without a sonic toothbrush because your teeth will feel
cleaner and your gums firmer.


The several custom brushing
modes are also a great plus because they allow you to completely customize your
brushing.  These modes include “clean,” “soft,” and
“massage,” to give you full control over your oral care
regimen.  Just imagine how much more fun it is to have different brushing
modes and a vibrating brush head.  It may even motivate you to brush for
more time because you will be so captivated by the experience.


To help you brush for a
longer period of time, the Sonic Complete comes prepared with an automatic 2
minute timer built in.  This will help you keep your teeth for a lifetime
because 2 minutes is the recommended brushing time set by the American Dental


Tested And Proven
Effective In The Laboratory


It is important to realize
that this product has been tested and clinically proven to effectively improve
the health of your teeth and gums, remove plaque without irritating gums,
reverse gingivitis for firmer, healthier gums and whiten your teeth 25% better
than Sonicare Elite* by removing more coffee, tea, and tobacco stains. 
This information and these claims should be deeply considered because they are
scientifically proven by professional researchers.


Makes Brushing Easy By Doing the Brushing For You


Finally, it is important to
consider the added layer of convenience your new Sonic Complete will
bring.  The brush powerfully flicks plaque and harmful bacteria away from
your teeth because it uses revolutionary Sonic Wave Technology.  As a
result, you do not have to do a lot of work because the brush does a lot of it
for you.  In fact, it is recommended that you just slowly lead your
toothbrush along your teeth rather than do the violent brushing motion.


We would like to sincerely
thank you for your attention and commend you on your ability to take action and
improve your Oral Health.  We feel very fortunate to have the ability to
serve you and help you to create the smile of a lifetime.


Super Dental Store Team

P.S. This is a really great
deal worth well over $130 that you can purchase at lower than half price for a
limited time.  We cannot hold this price long so we suggest you take
advantage of it.  If you purchase now you can be on your way to creating a
healthier smile very soon.


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2 reviews for Oral B Sonic Complete S 320 Premium Electric Toothbrush (68.75 W/ Mail Rebate)

  1. 5 out of 5


    My dentist told me to get the Sonic Complete. He said the sonic vibrating actions help to get plaque off teeth and even prevents gingivitis. I have been using it for over 7 months now and I really enjoy it and highly recommend it to anyone who needs an electric toothbrush.

  2. 5 out of 5


    DO NOT TRUST SUPER DENTAL STORE – I ordered on 3/2/08 & have not received any part of my order – contacted Super Dental Store numerous times & have never received a response – must be this is a SCAM – very frustrated & disappointed

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