GUM Parents Toothbrush (12 Pack Value)

GUM Parents Toothbrush (12 Pack Value)

Introducing the Parents Toothbrush from GUM. Fun to hold, fun to look at, and fun to brush with! These toothbrushes will have your child wanting to brush his/her teeth and will provide an effective cleaning by way of the innovative bristles. Another new feature is the suction-cup base which helps keep the brush cleaner between uses and adds to the fun of brushing.

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Think There Isn’t A Brush Made For Parents Who Brush Their Children’s Teeth? Think Again!

This toothbrush was made specifically for parents who have toddlers from years 1-2 and who understand the importance of brushing teeth even at such an early age.


  • Long handle allows parents to brush the toddler’s teeth
  • Ultra-soft nylon bristles ensure gentle cleaning of teeth & gums
  • Cushioned brush head for sensitive young mouths
  • Soft-grip handle ensures control and comfort

12 GUM Parents toothbrushes

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