GUM Ultra Fine Snap On Refills (24 Pack)

GUM Ultra Fine Snap On Refills (24 Pack)


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No more threading tiny wires through tiny holes. Refills are now easier than ever to attach to handle.
Easy On… Easy Off!

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Product Description

GUM Ultra Fine  Snap Ons Proxabrush Refills – Your Solution to A “Tight” Problem

The proxabrush Snap Ons Ultra Fine Refills were made for people with tighter spaces between teeth, braces or crowns.

  If you never had any space for a traditional proxybrush, this may be your solution.  Read below To find out the power of the Snap On Ultra Fine Refills.

The Power of a Proxybrush and the Strengths of this One

A Proxybrush is a convenient way to clean in spaces Floss simply can’t go. Under bridges, between
braces, and between teeth with wide gaps a proxabrush works better than floss. In fact, many  people with these dental appliances or conditions have incorporated the proxybrush into their daily oral health routine. These thinner “ultra fine” tips work well for most people.

One of the most favorite features of this proxibrush refill is its outstanding thin tip.

  Unlike many other full size tips which are difficult or impossible to get between your teeth without first poking yourself in the gums or scratching your teeth, these proxabrushes are considerably thin and easily fit between most teeth in your mouth.

  Plus, they are coated with “chlorhexidine” (something your dentist may have asked you to rinse with before a dental procedure).

  As a result, your proxabrush stays cleaner between uses and inhibits the growth of bacteria which can be harmful to your health. If you have never tried this particular proxabrush, definitely give it a try. The level of convenience it adds is definitely significant.

GUM Ultra Fine Proxabrush Refill Clicks: Who Uses It

Those who enjoy convenience and have thinner gaps between braces, under crowns and between teeth have come to love the Refill system.

  The ease with which refills come into the handle, the ease with which they are taken out and the high quality, antibacterial bristles make this an absolutely winning product.

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  Thanks for your attention to your oral health.

Here’s to Your Smile of a Lifetime! Super Dental Store Team

Every Proxabrush Ultra Fine Snap On Refill Includes:

  • Antibacterial Bristles
  • Compatibility with the Snap Ons system handle
  • Thin “easily goes where it needs” design
  • Innovative and effective design

36 GUM Ultra Fine Proxabrush Snap Ons Refill Clicks

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