LEBOND Rechargeable Sonic Electric Toothbrush W/ Limited Time Bonuses

LEBOND Rechargeable Sonic Electric Toothbrush W/ Limited Time Bonuses

$69.99 $49.99

Lebond Sonic Electric Toothbrush W/ Limited Time Bonuses

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Product Description

ATTENTION: Anyone About to Spend Way Too Much Money On An Electric Toothbrush:


Toothbrush Secret Revealed: Why the Most Cheap People Are Making the BEST and SMARTEST Choices When Buying An Electric Toothbrush.


Anyone Who Tries Our Top
of the Line Electric Toothbrush Won’t Give It Up For Any Amount of Money.  Stick
Around and Read The Words Below
Carefully to Make Sure You Don’t Miss Out On This Chance To Score A Great Deal!



The desk of Super Dental Store
Dear Electric Toothbrush Seeker,

ready to discover an electric toothbrush package so amazing that many have
called it “insanely good value!”


you think that sounds good, then keep reading as you are about to find out
exactly how to get it,

no matter what you thought you
had to pay for a top of the line electric toothbrush!

an electric toothbrush that works JUST AS WELL as the overpriced big brand
electric toothbrushes and actually Is BETTER in many ways.

Once you try this

about to be famous electric toothbrush, you too will
understand what the hype is all about and you will

beat yourself over the
for even

thinking of getting something else.


Avoid Being Brainwashed…Look At Toothbrushes

With Open Eyes


When deciding which electric toothbrush you should buy.  There are three things
to look at –
quality, features, and price! follow along as I break these three down!


Quality can’t be
measured easily so the only way to know if something is quality is to look at a
guarantee.  Something high quality comes with a money back guarantee and a 2
year warrantee.



Features are all
the cool things that come with the toothbrushes.  A toothbrush should have
customized modes, be rechargeable, use the latest technology, and look really
good in your bathroom.



Finally Price.
For a top notch electric toothbrush,

expect to pay about $160.  The Only
real exception is the toothbrush we are about to show you below.




Listen To What
Our Dentist Says!

When most people first enter our dental office, they are surprised that we don’t
carry the major brand electric toothbrushes.  Most people are at first puzzled
and confused.

These people often ask why we only offer

one electric toothbrush. The
dentist in the office breaks it down very simply.

“You see,” he says! “This electric toothbrush that we offer does the same thing
as the big name guys at a fraction of the fee.”

Obviously, most of our patients take matters into their own hands and try this
electric toothbrush themselves.  We are proud to say, NOT A SINGLE REFUND HAS

What usually happens is our patients come back and say that they can not
possibly brush their teeth with anything else.  “It is soo good,” one patient
says, “That anyone who doesn’t get one is a complete idiot.” 


Hank D Writes!


Well, Ya’ll sure did give me a good deal.  I thought it was
going to be pretty good but nothing like the oral b one I had before.  I am
glad to say that it sure was just as good! Anyway I wanted to tell you that
I will be using my bonus points to buy one for my wife! God Bless




Damien S. Writes!


This toothbrush is “Da Bomb.”  All my friends are jealous
that I got one and I am THINKING about letting them know where to get it
HAHA! Nah I’ll def pass along the word because I appreciate all the extra
things you sent along. 




Kevin M. Writes!


The value delivered is unquestionably great.  I sincerely
appreciate your finding and offering this toothbrush because it has saved me
a considerable amount of money which I have used to buy more units for all
the members of my family.  I wanted to pass along that my dental checkups
have improved dramatically and my hygienist interrogated me thoroughly about
what I was using because my gums looked so much better! When I finally told
her, she couldn’t believe what a big difference the electric toothbrush
made.  Thank you for everything and keep up the good work.




You’ve Heard All the Hype!


Now Let’s Get to the Substance



The Lebond 31,000 Stroke
Rechargeable Sonic Speed Electric Toothbrush



So Many Features Your Head
Will Spin

As you take hold
of this legendary electric toothbrush and press the soft Dupont bristles against
your teeth, you will feel the scientifically proven sonic technology destroys
plaque bacteria.

In fact, when you
finish brushing (you will know  when to stop because there is an AUTOMATIC 2
minute timer) your teeth will feel cleaner than ever before! Plus, expect your
teeth to get a bit whiter and your overall gum health to improve!

What I am trying
to tell you is: expect your dentist and your dental hygienist to be jealous of
how nice your teeth and gums look.  Expect them to ask millions of questions
about how you did it and how much you paid for it!



How Much Money Would You Fork Out For

When you go to a
convenience store, you pay almost double for the same products just because of
convenience.  What if you didn’t have to pay double! It would be pretty great

If you’re talking
about electric toothbrushes, convenience is simple.  Just ask: can I shower with
it, can I recharge it, does it have a travel case, how long does the charge
last? And does it tell me when to start and stop!

Our sonic
toothbrush is waterproof which means you can kill two birds with one stone.
When you shower in the morning just take your toothbrush in with you and brush
your teeth.  When you step out the shower, you don’t have to brush separately!

When the battery
starts getting low, this sonic tooth brush can be recharged.  Amazingly, a
single full charge can last you more than a full month.  Imagine that! just
charge it once a month!  Most other elite toothbrushes will only last 2 weeks.

You may have
thought that it would be really convenient to have a travel case! in fact, it
really would, that’s why a travel case that can hold two brush heads is

Finally imagine a
coach standing and telling you when to start and stop brushing your teeth
(besides it being really weird) you would probably say that your oral health
would improve right?  This kind of coach is built into the toothbrush, it tells
you exactly when to start and stop.


Alex G Writes!

I love this new toothbrush! I hang out
in the shower right before class and wait for the 2 minutes to be over.  I
didn’t realize how long 2 minutes.  I was probably brush for like 15 seconds
before I got this thing.  Anyway, it’s cool that I can just brush the two
minutes in the shower and then be done.  I might get one for my roommate for
his birthday, I’ll let you know.


Vicky S
My boyfriend and I share the toothbrush
handle and just switch brush heads! my teeth feel a lot smoother ever since
we started using it.  We both love it THANKS!


Slavik K RDH
What you have to realize is that it
doesn’t matter what company is making the toothbrush but that the quality is
good.  As a dental hygienist in both Russia and USA I have to tell you I am
impressed with the quality of the toothbrush so much that I sell it
exclusively to my patients. 



Exactly What You Get



Water Proof SonicToothbrush Handle with
Ergonomic Grip,


Sleek Charging
Base With Room For 2 Brush Heads



Deluxe Travel Case With Room For Electric
Toothbrush Handle and 2 Brush heads



Extra Base For Toothbrush Handle and 2 Brush


Dupont Nylon
Bristled Brush Heads With Precision Placed Bristles.


28 Day Money
Back Guarantee: If you aren’t absolutely amazed by your new electric toothbrush,
send it back for a full refund.



2 Year Warrantee: If it breaks within 2 years Send it back for a



31,000 Sonic & Vibration Strokes Per Minute



Naturally Whitens Teeth in 21 days


30-second Interval Timer Counts Down to 2 minutes While You Brush


3 Brushing
Modes (Standard/Comfort/Care) For a customized clean


Charging can
last up to 45 days saving you the trouble of constant charging



Advanced Brush Head Design Directs Powerful
Cleaning Action into Hard-to-Reach Areas







My Unequivocal,




100% Money Back


Dont’ like it? Then you get
your money back.


It’s that simple. You’ve got
28 days to brush, whiten, brighten and experience the joys of an electric


Just ask for a refund and
one will be provided.



Act Now To Get These Amazing Bonuses:

Bonus Item (Limited Time so
Act Now)
How Much It Costs


+ Me Electric Toothbrush

$ 28.75


Winning GUM Expand Floss

$ 4.99


Points (5%) That you can use for your next purchase

$ 3.00


Fold Collander As Seen On T.V.



Secrets Revealed Ebook.

$ 9.99


Total Value of Bonuses: $56.72 Are Yours Free If
You Act Now


I am So Confident You Will Fall In Love With Your New
Electric Toothbrush, I am going to upgrade the 28 day warrantee:


If You don’t absolutely
love your new electric toothbrush and if you don’t find yourself saying,

NO WAY I could ever go back to my old brush,” then return it
for a full refund and




Lets Go Over the Total Value of the Package:

Cutting Edge Electric Toothbrush, $129.99

5 Bonuses If You Act Now, $56.72

Total Value: 186.71 (This is What is
normally charged for this package and what you can EXPECT the price to go to)



What Happens When We’re Crazy
and Desparate

Help These Brushes Sell Out Fast  In the Next Day or Two, We have lowered the
Price to:



That’s 68.75 for a package that includes an
electric toothbrush, a second electric toothbrush, award winning floss, bonus
points, The Famous Flat Fold Collander, and an ebook on shaving, A total value
of 186.71 for just 68.75





Buy the package by TONIGHT and get an extra
$10 off so the whole entire package will cost just $58.75.  Please note that
this is EXTREMELY LIMITED and it WILL SELL OUT TOMORROW so please do not ask for
exceptions if you miss the deal.  Our apologies for any inconvenience.


Jessica P. Writes!

I Know my dentist says I could do a great
job using just a regular electric toothbrush but I must tell you, I think
the electric sonic toothbrush makes a hell of a difference. 



Sanja P Writes!

You deliver the best deal on the internet
for an electric toothbrush.  Why can’t I find this toothbrush anywhere but
your site?  It should be everywhere it is so good.



Karla S Writes!

Although I was skeptical of buying an
electric toothbrush I never heard of before, I have to say that my
skepticism is gone.  Now everyone in my family, my inlaws, my parents and
even some coworkers have one thanks to me.



Remember Don’t Take Our Word For It, Or Even
Our Customers.

Try it for yourself for 28 Days.  You have
absolutely NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.  If You don’t like it, just
return it and keep all the bonus gifts FREE!

  • You Won’t find a better deal online.  If
    you do, email us and we’ll match it up to 3 days AFTER your purchase.

We at Super Dental Store are grateful for
the opportunity to serve you.  And We appreciate your attention to this once in
a lifetime deal.  If you have any comments, questions or concerns, just fill out
a contact form and we’ll do everything we can to get back to you to let you know
this deal really isn’t too good to be true.


Super Dental Store Team


Remember, if you dont’ like it, you get your money back. Just ask.  I’ll give you
days to make up your mind
Go ahead . . . Order Now! It’s Risk Free!

This toothbrush normally sells for

and the bonuses cost about $57.  All of our customers have
become crazy raving fans of this toothbrush and we’ve literally had to do very
little promoting to have it sell out.  Try it out yourself before it sells out
All the risk is on me

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